5 Black Luxury Handbag Designers You Need In Your Closet This Spring


Spring has officially sprung forward and it’s time to put away the cozy winter fashions and pull out the pastels, colors, and patterns. As we shop to organize our spring closet, what better way to accessorize our looks than with a luxury handbag?

With the community of Black luxury fashion designers growing and taking up space in the market, it’s resulting in a growing number of Black-owned handbag companies. Meet five Black luxury handbag designers who are staking a claim in the industry with high-quality clutches, totes, and purses that will make every handbag connoisseur “Buy Black!”


Courtesy of Maya Winston

Originally from Jamaica, Maya Winston relocated to the Bronx, New York, at 11 years old where he was raised in the mecca of fashion by his mother, a seamstress, and his older sister, a designer in her own right.

With over a decade of experience under his belt, Maya Winston has spent extended time getting to learn the nuances of quality and product, making stops in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East to craft and curate his luxury pieces.

Maya Winston bags are made with a specific type of consumer in mind, the ones who represent or appreciate the beauty and magic of Black women.

“MW is specifically curated for those who appreciate authenticity, inclusive luxury, and world-class experiences,” he told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“With that being said, my focus is serving the needs and preferences of culture-conscious Black women. I design to celebrate inclusivity, Black culture, and Black girl luxury.


Courtesy of SOUS SUS Official

Founded by Sharlena Bernard in 2004, SOUS SUS was designed after her foundation and background in dance. In the ballet world, “sous-sus” is used when a dancer has to rise up on the points of their toes while placing one foot in front of the other.

“With this same spirit, I want people to feel elevated when wearing my brand,” Bernard told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“I want them to understand that life is truly about moving in an upward direction while placing one foot in front of the other.”

Drawing a big bulk of her inspiration from the sun where she resides in sunny California, Bernard enjoys incorporating high-quality leathers and colorful prints into her designs in ways that “breed life and happiness,” she says.

“SOUS SUS is made for those that dare to be different. She is a trailblazer. She is a Boss in her own right. She doesn’t need to be validated……she validates herself.”

Handbag enthusiasts can gear up to shop SOUS SUS’ “Clutch It” collection consisting of clutch handbags featuring an array of leather, denim, floral, and funky prints designed to take the wearer from the movies to the red carpet.


CISE Store Instagram Reel

CISE has been heating up the luxury handbag scene with stylish and daring tote and crossbody bags declaring “PROTECT BLACK WOMEN.” The bold statement represents CISE’s mission to create “stronger threads for a stronger community.”

The LA-based brand, founded by Blake Van Putten, was launched to give voice to those often overlooked. Through their first initiative, “Protect Black People,” CISE released a collection of handbags proclaiming one poignant message, “PROTECT US!”

Van Putten made Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2022 having surpassed $4 million in sales last year alone. He uses his brand to help give back to the Black community by donating a portion of the company’s profits to charitable organizations like BEAM and the Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective.


Courtesy of Silver & Riley

Founded by Lola Banjo after the “global citizen” noticed the lack of functional luxury travel bags, Silver & Riley prides itself on being a pioneer Black woman-owned luxury handbag company with multi-use and unisex travel accessories for all. Made in Italy, Banjo travels overseas every month to ensure the quality and construction of her pieces.

“Just as I am a global citizen, my goal is to make Silver & Riley a global brand,” Banjo told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“I am already receiving orders from South Africa, Dubai, and all over Canada. Those customers are paying hefty fees in customs, if they are valuing my bags that much, I know there is space in the market for Silver & Riley to have a presence everywhere.”

Handbag savants can shop Silver & Riley’s New Yorker bag made to serve as an ode to America’s fashion capital. Available in Astoria Noir or SoHo Red.


Of course, Brandon Blackwood made the list! The Brooklyn native of Chinese and Jamaican descent has been heating up red carpets with pieces worn by the likes of Serena Williams, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Tessa Thompson, and more.

Blackwood spent most of his upbringing between New York City and Tokyo where he developed an affinity for fashion and design at a young age. He started making hand-sewn bags as gifts for his friends in middle and high school before launching his own fashion company in 2015 and going mainstream by 2020.

Among the current leaders of Black luxury fashion, Blackwood can recall the days when luxury and Black weren’t included in the same sentence and he’s happy to be a part of the evolution.

“I think it’s really cool to see this movement of just Black people in luxury, making things happen, making things relevant,” Blackwood told BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“That’s what normalizing Black luxury to me is. It’s just taking up space within that market.”

With his massive success, Blackwood has grown his collection to include outerwear and shoes along with his constantly evolving collection of bags.


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